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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Textual representation of tile scripting

I couldn't this blog these days because this site was toooo slowly... I am working a lot about etoys these days. Actually, I did not know about etoys well before I had my own etoys workshop because I felt it's ability was too restricted. But I have found that a number of interesting things are remained in the tile scripting system yet. Surely, etoys lacks fancy features as programming language. But I don't think rich system is better system. So I have tried to small improvement etoys without big change. One of my challenges is textual representation of tile scripting. As you know, you can see tile script both as tile and text code (Smalltalk expression). But when you modify the text code, the script would be never seen as tile as the script loses the modified information. I think this is a reason why serious Squeak programmer is not interested in etoys. If tile script is made from textual representation. A programmer could write applications with etoys tile script by Smalltalk code (change set, Monticello, or so). So I have write converter between text and tiles. At first, Smalltalk expression is hard to convert to tiles. And I use S-expression like notation. It works almost well. I am going to make some examples of etoys animation without any drag-n-drop!

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