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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Finally, I started to make interface between Croquet and TVML. I had a meeting to make sure the role of its implementation with Hayashi-san and Aikawa-san, and they agreed to share current source code written in C. Although I think I should rewrite all aspect of animation in Smalltalk for good compatibility with Croquet, but now I strongly curious how to realize the animation of TVML style. So at first, I am going to make bridge for TVML library. Actually, the bridge of Croquet-to-TVML was quite easy. TVML player already has its API for other windows application, and I could implement a plugin to send TVML text in Croquet to TVML. But I guess getting animation informations form TVML would be harder because TVML animation engine did not suppose to use without TVML native render (I have to use a render in Croquet not TVML Player).


  1. Hi Takashi,

    I went to the TVML web site, read through all the information there, and was excited by what I saw. Then I downloaded the (free!) software and tried it out. All I get is a GDI32.dll error. So, I tried to sign up for their mailing list to see if I could find any support and got no acknowledgement. I tried to just send an email to the list, and got a "No SMTP server at that address" error. So far I'm a bit disappointed!

    While looking for further assistance with TVML, I also came across a more current project called "Cyber Theater Scenario Language" and the CTSL Learning Kit, which claims to be more advanced than TVML. This looks very interesting, but as far as I can tell, is just research and not available to the public at this time.

    I posted this same comment to Julian Lombardi's blog entry about TVML a while ago, and I apologize if you already read this there.

  2. Hi David,

    It was too bad. I have not got any trouble for installing TVML Player. Which file did you try? I use, but I guess it is possible that they don't do maintenance English version so often.

    I also know nothing about mailling list. Such SMTP error is weired... Hayashi-san said the developing organization of TVML have changed dynamically recently, so I guess the list was not supported no more.

    Anyway, I'm going to tell Hayashi-san about the Julian's blog topic of TVML. Probably he can do something your problem.

    -- Takashi

  3. Hi Takashi,

    I only have Windows 98, so I had to use the older version of TVML. Maybe someday I will be able to upgrade my system, but until then I guess that I cannot use TVML because I cannot get the older version to play.


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