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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Planning a demonstration of TVML + Croquet

I have a plan to show my work of TVML + Croquet at NICT public exhibition day the end of July. I have made a PowerPoint slide (I prefer Sqeueak! but they demanded it) and show at last NICT meeting. In the exhibition, main audience are neighborhood children. A lot of kids who are science fun would come. So we have a plan to show 10 PCs connected with Croquet for one whole day. 10 PCs ?! I have never seen such number of hosts connected with Croquet. I know current Croquet network implementation is a bit fragile. Actually, a friend of mine have tried to know how many number computers which can connected in Croquet same time, in that time (2 years ago), the result was only 4 hosts for a few minutes. Besides, this is not just a presentation, but a real demo. the users are hackish children who like to type the keyboard randomly. But I think this is exciting challenge.


  1. 2 years ago, the message queue was a simple SortedCollection without any concurrency control and the messages sent from different host (i.e. received by different Processes) are mutating the message queue simultaneously.

    Hopefully, it is fixed by now and should do something better.

  2. It seems good. I already have tested three hosts. It was no problem. But probably real problem would be how to set up testing environment...


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