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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meeting with Julian

I had meetings with some NICT's researchers and Julian for these two days. Although I still felt slightly jet lag as I just had backed from L.A. on last Sunday, I was excited by a lot of interesting topic at the meeting. I also showed a demonstration about Chibi-Robo stuff. We were talking about to create 3-D scripting system. I realized this goal will be not easy as I expected. I regret my work should be stopped for a while to do another work, but I hope I will be able to make up more generic version. Most interesting topic came in the last dinner. Julian asked to one researcher to use iChat to corroborative work. Now we have enough infrastructure to use video conference, so it is free to use such tool whenever you need. Actually Julian said he already sets up iChat in his home during the entire day, it isn't necessary to turn off, and he can be chatting to his son whenever he want even he is on other side of the world. The important point is you don't need to disturb by noisy bells to aware enyone. One can look at peer not to be busy now nor not. I imagine the world where such video conference technology becomes just a trivial technique, as if today's HTTP or SMTP protocols, the applications of VOIP will become different than today's one (Croquet?!). Early web is just a thing for static document, but now it becomes more dynamic thing. Julian seems to try such experiment with his iChat.

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