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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My next three months goals.

The main point of my previous three months goals was making a text editor on Ian's stuff I admit that it has not been finished in terms of building a really useful text widget. Making a text editor looks simple requirement. But even just a substitute widget for Squeak's ParagraphEditor from scratch is quite complicated because it has to deal with a large number of issues like text layout, scroll, font rendering, etc. To make the goal clearer and smaller, I propose one concrete prototype and one real implementation.

An authoring tool for Active Essays on web browser.

It will be direct successor of TileScript and YUI-based tool for Active Essays Those were difficult to use even sometimes for myself because they were too heavy and UI was complicated. The focus of this project is brushing up the UI. I will not add a new function, but it will have enough features to express some of examples in Appendix A of STEP paper and Ted's puzzle.

  • Basic text emphasis (header, list, in-line image)
  • Wiki based collaboration mechanism.
  • "include" mechanism
  • OMeta/JS can be used through "include"
  • Supported platform: IE6 and Firefox3

A basic widget component for Active Essays on Ian's stuff.

This is a real stuff based on above prototype. Every necessary widget which needed for text editing including text emphasis and in-line image will be implemented. Wiki-based collaboration part won't be included.

This text widget can be used a part of Ted's DB Jr.

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