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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things in my mind recently

A couple of people asked me about this blog, so I add a new post finally. Because I don't spent my major time for Squeak recently, I changed the title of it with more general flavor than "Squeak Everyday". But "Workspace" is still a keyword from Smalltalk. What I am doing everyday is still dynamic hacking with / without computer.

I'm quite interested in relationship among programming and documentation. It was 80' when Knuth wrote about literate programming In this article, he seems to be too excited about his idea that a program is a literature. How far we have elaborated the idea since then. Yes, from Emacs's documentation to JavaDoc, there are a lot of great works. But I'm not sure those are really literature, in other words, those are fun to read. In fact, although I am really fun of API documentation as a hacker, it could be more entertainment. That's what I am thinking these day.

When I was working on my old work (2007), such idea was in my mind, too. And I'm going to visit it again.

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