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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Finally, I started to make interface between Croquet and TVML. I had a meeting to make sure the role of its implementation with Hayashi-san and Aikawa-san, and they agreed to share current source code written in C. Although I think I should rewrite all aspect of animation in Smalltalk for good compatibility with Croquet, but now I strongly curious how to realize the animation of TVML style. So at first, I am going to make bridge for TVML library. Actually, the bridge of Croquet-to-TVML was quite easy. TVML player already has its API for other windows application, and I could implement a plugin to send TVML text in Croquet to TVML. But I guess getting animation informations form TVML would be harder because TVML animation engine did not suppose to use without TVML native render (I have to use a render in Croquet not TVML Player).
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