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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Palo Alto a week and tweak

Today is a day that I have spent at Palo Alto for a week. It is good weather and good temperature. I became fond of bay area as soon as I came here. Now I am sitting front of a desk in HP lab. The laboratory has huge place and a number of numerous scientists from many countries, the accents of discussion through the wall have a exotic taste. I am starting Tweak in here, this is a brand new programming environment that I am puzzled at first. But I begin to like Tweak especially the structure of visual component. The model for solving dependency and constraint is not complete, but neat. Besides, Tweak's small process model is interesting. I don't understand much for Tweak yet, so I still finding my goal of Tweak. During contributing some code for bug fix, I am amusing new world new. My first favorite object is CFieldReference. This behaves as a kind of watcher or proxy object. In Tweak etoys, this object plays interesting role. Making CFieldReference is easy, you would just say; CObject fieldNamed: #fiedName And then, this object watches the value of the field described as #fieldName. If you set the CFieldReference as a player of any player like a drop down list, the list points the value continually. The point what I'm interested in is all fields of any object could be etoy's slot with CFieldReference. In former Squeak etoys world, etoys is in a slight special position. Smalltalk world and etoys world are completely different logic. But in Tweak, all object could have etoys-sh interface. I know having all slot for all variable is not good idea. The system would becomes too complicated withoug proper information hiding manner. But the possibility of integration between etoys world and source code world excites me.
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