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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

ODE Again

Now I am updating ODE bridge for Croquet. Bernd send me great ODE demo few month ago for impara Croquet. But I have let it alone up to now. There were much interesting gadgets in Bernd's demo, so I was trying to adapt it for Jasmine. Actually this was not difficult and I am going to upload it soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I am hacking LangageEditor for few days. LanguageEditor and Babel system is one of major feature of new Squeakland image. You can use multiple language in same Squeak. We have to change words of vocabulary for user interface depend on language, the dictionary of Babel is used for it. My goal is to make it easier editing dictionary. Sometimes, a good engineer is not a good writer. So we need a way of collaborating for making dictionary by both user and programmer. Actually current LanguageEditor is not useful because its output file is internal binary format. I think we should able to exchange, make diff, and be under version control. So I decided to make the file as text. Today I could almost finish the task. I use basic file out (chunk) format for dictionary. I'm going to post the fix when I finish the test in Japanese.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

English first / Japanese first

Now I am writing a paper for C5 conference at next year. My theme is about last workshop and its concept, prospect, and impact of development. At first, I was thinking that I wrote about Croquet, but I couldn't do because the part of what I know about Croquet was too practical. Probably if I am going to use Croquet for actual workshop next year, I can write some article of it. Anyway, I am writing in Japanese. At first I was trying write in English, but I couldn't as my brain was confused. So I decided writing in Japanese first, then translating in English. I don't know sure the way of the writing is better, but the fact is I have not much time.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Yesterday, we have a conference named "ALAN-K Project Workshop" for discussing Squeak's curriculum with teachers and developers in Kyoto. Actually, we didn't have enough time to discuss, but it was good opportunity to see how to teach in primary school to high school. What I was most interested in were works by a couple of high school students. In instance, they were making about human powered air plain simulation, and ecosystem simulation; in the simulations, a user could alter each parameter to see what was happen. Other surprised thing was the authors of these works were pretty girls, not nerds wearing glasses. I felt envy the teachers!
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