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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rendering 3-D objects through dll

Rendering 3-D objects through dll Posted by Hello For a few weeks, I was trying to connect original TVML viewer (written in C) and Croquet through FFI. Once I have written a code for rendering TVML object and playing simple animation in pure Smalltalk, but I took a strategy to make a hybrid system using C and Smalltak because writing all code in Smalltalk would need much time. Connecting original TVML viwer was not so easy, TVML viwer has a bunch of I/O codes, windows thread codes, and infinity loops. I trimed those issue and finally made a DLL wrapper around TVML. It could render TVML animation in Croquet space. Although using the DLL has a couple of problems. I can't see the animation through croquet network, an avator can't touch 3-D objects in TVML. These objects are like ghosts in Croquet world, we can see the objects, but these are not in a memory in Croquet. But it was still fun at least as a demonstration.

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