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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Showing TVML Object and OBJ in Croquet

TVML Stage Posted by Hello In TVML, OBJ file format is used for importing 3-D model. It was terrible that there are a lot of incompatible 3-D format in the world. But anyway, for playback TVML contents in Croquet, I have to make OBJ model exporter. Actually, OBJ format was not complicated. I would say it is relatively straightforward and easier than ASE format (ASE in 3dsmax was ugly), thus parsing the format and building objects were not hard job. But what I remain is texture. In OBJ, PIC file format is used to represent image file. OBJ??? I didn't know such format. In the fact, my picture viewer in windowsXP could not show the PIC image. So today's my task is learning what is PIC and building PIC file importer for Squeak.


  1. Orion (who spent sometime working on a Croquet OBJ import before getting distracted by other work) says that OBJ's don't have a prefered texture image format. He recommends using a graphics program (like paint shop pro) to convert the PIC's into something Croquet already understands.

  2. Tao,
    Yes, converting other format with a graphic tool would be nice way. I didn't hit upon it. But actually, my PIC reader is almost finished, and I have a lot of OBJ model with PIC. So I think I continue the work. I am going to post the converter in Croquet-list when I make it.

    - Takashi


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