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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hakodate Workshop

Hakodate is a northern city in Japan. In this week, I am going to have a Squeak workshop at Future University Hakodate. In the fact, this is the first experience to have my own workshop. For the workshop I have planned curriculum and to prepared materials. I am just a programmer, not a teacher, but I believe this workshop should be very helpful to find out my next goal in Sqeuak an Croquet. I know students are not satisfied in just Drive A Car project. They are smart enought and need more interesting subject, but they are not computer science students, so I had to develop different kinds of subject. Also I will use World Stethoscope Morph by Abe-san, and my ODECo morph. At first I considered we use Skeleton or Croquet, but in this time, I abandoned such daring material to be simple enough.

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