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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Meta-Toys Workshop Finished

Eventually, my workshop in Hakodate was finished. It was much valuable experience for me as it is my first time to have a workshop directed myself. The workshop will be a start point for making decision of which goal I should do with Squeak and Croquet. The aim of the workshop is to make a tool just for fun. The major of the students is design; almost students in there had experienced to make digital contents with Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash. I told them to make not only contents, but also a tool for making dynamic contents, which includes paint tool, music composer, game constructor. Students can regard personal computer as meta-media through this workshop. This is different experience than just use softare. At last, almost 70% students could make some tool in 7 hours, and understood this concept despite of that no students know about Squeak before. By the way, I have uploaded the results of the workshop. Althogh all projects was in Japanese, but probably you can understand aim of the project.

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