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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Mistake of ASE Animation

There was one assumption which led wrong result in 3ds max's ASE Animation viewer. It is that rotation and position could be handled same way. In OpenGL, 4x4 matrix is a uniform method to deal with rotation, thus I could use matrix combination to combine each property. but in ASE, those are completely different aspect. In animation, position is showed as difference from the position at start frame, but rotation is showed as difference from last frame. So I should handle these properties independently.


  1. No surprise there. I often wonder how these file formats are created. I think they had one person work on the translations and someone else on the rotations, and of course this is completely different from the geometry transforms - which are also odd in that they are in global coordinate space which is useless unless you perform the inverse transform. And of course there is something really strange about the texture mapping coordinates. Good job Takashi. This is going to be very useful.



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