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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Next month, we have Open-source Conference in Osaka. So we Osaka squeakers proposed to have a booth to show current Squeak activity. In last conference at Tokyo, we had lots of audience in Squeak BOF, I expect to meet many people who are interested in Squeak next month. Anyway, today I was making copies of a soldier animation to get benchmark. Our game would handle up to 6 players, and we have to move these characters smoothly. But I got a trouble to copy an animation object. To copy an animation, we need deep copy. But in general, deep copy has some issue, in instance, a geometry root and an animation frame is pointing same object through different path - diamond reference. In Morphic world, we can use veryDeepCopy to duplicate object. But in Croquet world, the message doesn't work. I don't sure I have to implement deep copier in Croquet world. But just the fact is I couldn't my quota today.

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