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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Using Player reference in Workspace

I have tried to hack if we could use a textual reference of a Player in a workspace as substitute for a Morph. It is useful when we introduce Smaltalk language from etoy script editor. But I failed for some reason. Actually we could use a reference name of Player in Japanese, but couldn't in English. That's a bit tricky but the reason is player's reference name is capitalized and it is recogonized as a global variables before parse by the workspace. Japanese has no case sensitive, so when workspace read unknown variable, it is handled by bindingOf: mechanism, but not in English. I gave up the task today. -- The goal is achieved to set Dot (default player) into doItContext. I don't sure the hack is right, but it seems to work well. I posted the changeset to Mantis at that is cool system.

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