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Friday, September 24, 2004

Croquet Unit Test

Before optimizing 3D animation, I have made small framework for unit test. The framework is to evaluate small croquet code from standard TestRunner in Squeak as unit test. This is just transitional scheme until Croquet's own development environment is finished, but now, it is useful for me. Actually, I had finished this system last month. But it didn't work in latest image because I just use #inWorld:sendTo: to pass a code from Squeak process into croquet world. Sometimes, it didn't work because local TeaParty (Croquet teaParty) has some restriction (joinRestricted) and #inWorld:sendTo: is invoked in this local TeaParty. And I tried to build other TeaParty and evaluate in it each test case. Thus the framework works well. But I have not understood how joinRestricted works yet.

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