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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Skeleton is one of my recent works which allows you to make declarative programing with spreads sheets like user interface. I have not touched for several months but it need more improvement for practical use. I made some plans for Skeleton. - Making smaller the goal. When I start the project, I want to do a number of things. But apparently, it is bad to do many things same times. What I need would be small declarative engine and supporting to write self descriptive rules, not whole scripting system. - Remove dependency with Connectors. The main reason of using Connectors was making funny animation in etoys. But for the aim, ODECo is better way. Skeleton should be more independent module to collaborate other project like Croquet. - Abandon original scheduling. Skeleton has an original scheduling mechanism for drawing beautiful graph to avoid randomness of step list. But sometimes it occurs confusing problems. - Discard original window. Skeleton has different UI against Squeak standard system windows. I like this design but it is not so useful. I guess it is better to use standard system window to show spread sheet.

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  1. Hi Takashi, would be possible to extract the spreadsheet from the whole Skeleton package?


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