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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I love Workspace

When I test a program, usually I use a workspace. In stead of move my mouse, I prefer writing small code which works same way as mouse operation. It is because code has repeatability and it is better if we want to do same test again and again. Also, I use my special workspace named Techo that it has multi-panes and is able to save into file easily. But the problem is I can't use workspace in Croquet. Actually, I fixed my private version of workspace to work in Croquet context several months ago. But last improvement of Croquet have made my workspace crash. I guess the reason is for some changes of TeaTime. TeaTime is an interesting feature in Croquet, but I have not got it completely yet. Anyway, the problem would be good opportunity to understand detail of TeaTime. After fixing the problem, I will try to improve the performance of Croquet.

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