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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Followed Croquet Development

I have developed for animation characters, but to tell the truth, my code have not worked in latest Croquet images. Although I had written codes on older images because I prefer stable image as possible, I feel I have to follow current update. So I have worked to merge my code into newest image today. Actually, this was not so easy. Most difficult part is #croquetTwin message which is added last month. The message works like #clone, but sometimes it occurs strange error. I noticed the problem is brought by drop event. When we send a message with any event into croquet world, we had to remove the reference of hand morph (probably any morph). Another reason of difficulty of the problem is that the debugger doesn't work well in the version. I spent all the day to fix the problem. But what I needed was to modify only one line!


  1. Takashi,

    So does this work now? Suggest that you post this problem to David R. I will see him later today.


  2. David,

    I thought I would send you more massed changeset aslo supporting
    DropHandler because yesterday's code was too simple. But anyway, I
    reported the problem little while ago.


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